Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Your grass craves periodic feedings, and its best to meet this need with “slow release” products. Because these products release their nutrients over time rather than all at once, fertilizing with these products allows grass to “eat” at its own leisure. As nutrients are released, the root system fills in any bare patches, depriving weeds of a place to germinate. Grass grows healthy, green and thick.

Below are our fertilizing packages:

Fertilizing Package #1:
1 Lime application: Spring
1 Fertilizer application: Spring
1 Moss Control application: Spring
Includes Spring aerating

Fertilizing Package #2:
2 Lime application: Spring & Fall
2 Fertilizer application: Spring & Summer
1 Moss Control application: Spring
 Includes Spring Aerating

Fertilizing Package #3:
 2 Lime application: Spring & Fall
 3 Fertilizer applications: Spring, Summer, Fall
 1 Moss Control application
 Includes Spring Aerating


*Add in Chafer Beetle Control, Weed Control, or Water Lock to any package*